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Updated: Feb 9

Do you have a love for doing yoga on the back! Well, you are not alone if you do love doing Yoga poses lying down on the back. They can give a more profound sense of connecting to the earth, encourage a calmer state of being and allow an opportunity to build the asana practice to create more energy slowly.

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There are many wonderful lying down poses that can compliment a Yoga practice, but one thing that is great about Yoga poses on the floor is almost anyone can do them. Yoga on the back is perfect for all abilities including those wanting to learn Yoga At Home and are beginners to the practice; it can make the practice of Yoga very soothing and calming when starting to learn Yoga on the back. It is also helpful and can benefit those suffering from fatigue or any issues that result in them being extremely tired and limited when moving through standing Yoga practice.

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Many benefits can be received from practising Yoga poses while lying down, here is a lying down routine that is suitable to do at any time and some benefits that these poses can offer.


In semi-supine, allow yourself to get comfortable, here you can gently open and release the neck and shoulders. Working gently to move the head from side to side can release unwanted tension, aches and pains. We hold a lot of tension in the shoulders and neck, lying down allows us to soften and loosen with the breath as the floor's support us beneath.

  1. Resting in semi-supine take a few deep long slow breaths in and out

  2. On the exhale release the right ear towards the floor

  3. Gently encourage the left shoulder down toward the floor and way from the left ear

  4. Take some long slow deep breaths allowing the left side of the neck and shoulder to open.

  5. When you feel ready, inhale and return to centre with the head

  6. Repeat on the other side


With the support of the floor beneath, you have the opportunity to stretch out from head to toes and wake the whole body up. This pose will open the lungs, stretch the waist, legs, shoulders, arms, hands and feet.

  1. In semi-supine take a full deep breath as you reach the arms over the head as fas as feel comfortable

  2. Interlock the fingers and push the palms away

  3. Take a few long slow deep breaths into the lungs

  4. Begin to stretch out the right leg onto the floor

  5. Flex through the foot, pushing the heel away and moving the toes towards the body

  6. Take a few deep breaths into the left side

  7. Return the left foot to the floor

  8. Repeat with the other leg before returning the arms by the side


When moving into bridge pose, you have the opportunity of opening the front body and strengthening the back body! When the strength builds, you can move higher into the bridge if you feel the body is ready. This beautiful pose not only opening the front of the body and encouraging spinal, leg, hip, ankle and foot strength, but it also eases back pain, calms the mind and soothes the digestion.

  1. Rest in semi-supine with the feet hip-width and parallel, arms resting down by the side of the body, palms face down, head central

  2. Find a breath in and gently begin to push through the arms and feet to lift the hips

  3. Exhale and gently return the hips to the floor

  4. repeat again x 2

  5. On the third round hold the pose and breath in and out

  6. Exhale and return to the starting position


Gentle twists are great to ease into the waste, open the hips, shoulders and chest. This supine twist will help to aid digestion, encourage space and flexibility in the hips, calm the mind, and open the chest and shoulders if you are feeling any mobility restrictions.

As a precaution, I would not suggest doing this lying down pose if you have any si joint issues or pelvis/hip concerns. Please seek medical support and advice beforehand.

  1. Place the feet hip-width in the distance and the arms in line with the shoulders. In the image, I have a cactus with a bent elbow. Straight arm is fine also.

  2. Take a breath in and on the exhale release both knees to the left.

  3. The head release to the right if comfortable

  4. Hold the position and breath in and out.

  5. Return to the starting position and exhale and release to the other side.

If you would like to enjoy this practice with the guidance of my voice and through a video I have attached the video link below, I hope you enjoy x


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