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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

This week we have focused on the heart and shoulders.

During class, i have noticed tight shoulders and wanted to explore this with students not only on a physical level but also metaphysically.

My love for metaphysics grows more and more every day, my study on this is endless!

So what earth is metaphysics I hear you say….Well rounded up simply and easily metaphysics is a philosophy that explores the true nature of life and reality whether visible or not. It is a philosophy that studies being and knowing.

So what have the heart and shoulders got to do with metaphysics? Well, when the body is not well in these two areas we can explore on a deeper level why this may be. Ok well, they are two separate areas but they are in very close proximity to the body so are linked.

Let's take a look at the shoulders first –

If you are having problems with your shoulders in the joints or just around the shoulders, then it could be connected to ‘our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude’.

Apparently, if you have an injury that has been created through an accident, this may not be related to you at all, but if the problem has manifested over a period then have to think whether this statement is pertaining to you.

Now let's look at the heart –

Heart problems can be the cause of ‘longstanding emotional problems. Lack of joy. Hardening of the heart. Belief is strain and stress’.

So as we connect these two to work with them in our yoga practice, we embrace and target both areas. Our mind can make us see life as a burden with events that we are thrown with; this can then result in the hardening of the heart because of our attitude. If we have experienced challenges emotionally through relationships, then we can become sad and feel we have no way out of the sadness we feel. As a result of this, we experience the shoulders closing in around the heart to protect us, and our pain within the heart is shielded by the shoulders and arms (the arms being extensions of the heart).

The yoga practice lined below allows us to explore the heart and shoulders, opening up and using circular motions to release stagnant energy that may be gathered within this area.

Remember that the back of your body is also essential, we so often forget that the back of the body is still connected to the shoulders and the heart and we tend to focus only on the front! Move awareness to shoulder blades, back of shoulders and heart.

We can experience an overwhelming shift in emotion when working with this area so if you do feel emotional after the session or through it embrace it and witness it. Do not be hard on yourself! Make a warm drink and indulge and care for yourself instead.


Welcome to my blog, I am Katya 

I am an artist, Yoga lover and 'British Wheel of Yoga' Teacher of over 10years. Sharing and helping people is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I aim to serve to the best of my ability. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing & English in 2007; I find that blogging and poetry is a perfect way for me to express myself and to structure my knowledge to share with others. 

I hope you find something that can help on these pages and I look forward to sharing more content with you. Love and Hugs Katya 

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