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Updated: Feb 25

I hope this blog post finds you well and healthy. During this time, many people are exploring Yoga at home, and students have asked me what props would I recommend. In this blog, I am going to share Yoga equipment that you may need during your Yoga home practice. Why we are at home doing Yoga for the time being having Yoga equipment would be great to use to help support and deepen your practice, whether it be restorative Yoga or Yoga props for beginners this list will cover every Yoga essential that you may need at this time. So here is my list of Yoga equipment that you may want to consider (nothing is essential):

Yoga Matters

It comes in many different colours.

Rectangular Yoga Bolster.

You can get different shape bolsters my preference is this shape. Very useful when doing restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and back work. I find this shape helps me better with alignment. It's easy and comfortable to sit on in meditation.

Yoga Blocks x2 and strap.

I think these are very helpful during any practice. We can use them if the hamstrings are tight in lungs, forward folds and arm balances. The strap is great for working into shoulders and lying down postures.


Perfect for relaxation or meditation,

This one I have chosen is 100% cotton and soft and cosy.


Satya Nag Champa Om Shanti Incense are my favourite, they smell so lovely. Perfect for your home practice to get you in the space, physically and mentally..

Incense Holder

Incense burner and holder, these are great for catching the burned incense, and they are lovely and tidy.

Toe Sox

These sox are so beautiful if you are looking for something to cover your feet. I love this colour, but they have many more, and different styles click the picture.

A Rectangular Yoga Block.

This shape block is handy when doing seated postures, forward folds or seated breathing or meditation. It can be beneficial for tilting the pelvis and encouraging space in the hips. .

Meditation Cushion.

These are great if you are likely to be meditating and working in a seated position for any length of time. It helps give the hips space but also makes your seat comfortable.

Well my friends, I think I have covered everything!

These are all the things you may be interested in purchasing why at home practising yoga.

I hope it was helpful, and you find what you are looking for. Please get in touch with anything else in the comments that may be useful that I may have missed out. Love and hugs, Namaste, Katya


Welcome to my blog, I am Katya 

I am an artist, Yoga lover and 'British Wheel of Yoga' Teacher of over 10 years. Sharing and helping people is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I aim to serve to the best of my ability. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing & English in 2007; I find that blogging and poetry is a perfect way for me to express myself and to structure my knowledge to share with others. 

I hope you find something that can help on these pages and I look forward to sharing more content with you. Love and Hugs Katya 

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