Yoga Breathing Exercises For Calmness

Updated: Feb 4

A huge warm welcome to my Yoga Breathing blog today! I hope you are well and healthy!

I invite you right now to take three long slow deep breaths. Focus your attention on your breath as it comes in through your nose, feel your body expand. Now follow the breath as it leave back out through the nose and relax. Gently repeat two more times. Ahhhhh hello again!

Right now is a time when Yoga Breathing is so beneficial in many ways. The benefits of Yoga are vast, and when we practice Yoga, which can be practised in many ways; such as Meditating, Postures, Breathing or Mantra, we anchor ourselves into presence, the hear and the now, the moment. We are in challenging times right now and because of what is happening we may be holding ourself in the future, when we are in the future mentally, this can create fear, uncertainty, anxiety and stress. As the mind worries about all the things that may happen, all the things that could be, our breath is effected and our body. The result of all this meant the body goes into flight and fight, survival mode. Yoga breathing is an anchor that can bring us into the moment. I wanted to share a Yoga breathing sequence that focuses on the breath; within my personal Yoga practice, the breath is always the priority. Breathing is the one things that targets the nervous system, and in turn, it affects the mind. Right now, I feel this is essential for all earthly beings. Breathing deeply nourishes the cells, draws in life force and calms the mind and body.

"The breath is the most vital process of the body. it influences the activities of each cell and, most importantly, is intimately linked with the performance of the brain". - Swami Satyananda


There are many different breathing exercises (also known as Pranayama practices) that can benefit the mind, nervous system and body. All exercises that are practised using the breath in Yoga create a specific outcome.

There are breathing exercises for sleep

There are breathing exercises for Stress

There are breathing exercises for anxiety

There are breathing exercises for asthma

There are breathing exercises for anger

There are breathing exercises for depression

There are breathing exercises for cleansing

The list goes on and on, and the benefits are vast and can include:

*Nourishing the whole body with extra oxygen *Purifies the blood of toxins *Induces tranquillity *Increases clarity *Enhances concentration *Reduces stress *Decreases anxiety *Clears energy blockages

The video I have attached can be done by anyone providing your doctor has given you the ok, and is suitable for beginners to experienced Yoga practitioners. The key is not to push or force the breath; we accept it as it is day to day and work with what it is giving us.

I hope this Yoga breathing sequence is beneficial to you and can calm you at this challenging time. I send you abundance of love and peace. Thank you for reading, please do share if you think it may be useful to someone right now at this time.

Lots of love and hugs - Namaste Katya

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