What Should A Beginner Wear for Yoga?

"What should a beginner wear for you"? When it comes to attending or practising Yoga, knowing what to wear beforehand is very helpful. Yoga requires us to move the body in many beautiful ways, and wearing Yoga clothes that are supportive but flexible so the body can move and breathe is so important. This article will share what a beginner should wear for Yoga, the perfect clothing for Yoga beginner women and men wanting to know what they should wear.

Yoga Dress Code For Ladies

Let's start with the ladies. When it comes to Yoga dress code for the ladies, there are one of two things to consider to make sure you feel comfortable and supported for your Yoga class. Below I share the essentials.


This is at the top because I feel it is super important to enjoy your Yoga class and not worry about things moving around or revealing too much. A good Yoga bra that covers the whole area will allow you to move with confidence and ease. There is nothing worse than having to keep adjusting yourself during Yoga class so you can't be present with what you are focusing on in the session.



With the bra top, you could wear a t-shirt over the top of it. BAMBOO CLOTHING offers a wide range of Yoga clothes. They are made from bamboo and also eco friendly so if you want to do a little for the environment and buy something that is nature friendly, then most definitely take a look at their growing Yoga range.


This BAMBOO YOGA top does not require you to wear a t-shirt or top over it when practising Yoga. So if you feel confident and comfortable, an all in one supportive Yoga top would be the perfect option when practising.


There are so many Yoga leggings styles, and a good pair of Yoga pants can make all the difference when it comes to moving and allowing the hips and legs to move in the beautiful ways we explore during our Yoga class.

Making sure the material is comfortable and moveable is vital. I am a natural material lover, and the product leggings in the image are organic Bamboo Yoga leggings.

If you dread the thought's of wearing something so tight to the skin, then harem yoga pants are also perfect, but I would suggest making sure the ankle is tight, so they won't make you trip when moving, especially if doing any sun salutations.

Here I share a pair that would be perfect and moveable, and loose!



Yoga shorts are perfect in summer or when you feel extra hot. A tighter fit is always recommended so you are protected and can move with freedom and flexibility.


When attending a Yoga class, wearing bare feet is recommended for several reasons; one would be so you don't slip on the mat when practising the Yoga postures; I will share a later blog on bare feet and Yoga and the importance. But if you feel uncomfortable in bare feet, you can always try some Yoga socks that have grip not to slip.

Here is my favourite brand you might like if you choose to opt for socks.


Yoga Dress Code For Males

Here I share a few options for males who are starting a Yoga practice and would like some ideas on what to wear. Just as it is essential for women, it is necessary for men to feel comfortable and supported.


If you feel comfortable in a tank top, this may be the perfect option to stay nice and cool during the Yoga practice, primarily in the summer months. Below I share one of BOODY ECO WEAR tank tops.

Yoga T-Shirt

If you prefer something that covers the body a little more, BAMBOO CLOTHING has some lovely tops covering the body, and you may find it comfortable and easy to move in.

Yoga Pants

I don't suggest wearing jeans for a Yoga class; it is tough to move in jeans or work pants. I would recommend something loose and comfortable and moveable. These Yoga pants from BAMBOO CLOTHING are a perfect option, but they have other options that you can choose from.

Men's Yoga Shorts

Shorts are an excellent option for Yoga class but making sure they are long enough and will keep you covered when moving is essential. Feeling comfortable and protected when you are doing Yoga poses that move the body in many variations will give you confidence and focus on the postures and being present.

Yoga Clothes Ideas

All these Yoga clothes ideas are just that ideas that may be helpful and useful if you are starting a Yoga practice and would like inspiration and some direction with what works and what doesn't. I think the main aim is to be comfortable, protected and have Yoga clothes that allow you to move with ease. I hope these ideas were helpful!

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