The Soul Touches Light

Updated: Sep 12

The sun rises high, moving through the sky.

Eyes open wide; a new day has arrived.

As the light meets the soul,

Activation is known.

Body breathing so deeply,

Knowing it will heal so sweetly.

Darkness continually surrendering,

Letting Lightness prevail.

The body transforms,

And the mind taking form,

The soul feels much lightness.

A feeling of being reborn.

Eyes still beautifully closed,

Feeling much more than is known.

Pauses will form,

The universal God knows,

The true limits we hold.

But honestly, shall you be told.

There is no limit,

Its all in your mind,

We are boundless and limitless.

Katya Greer

Welcome to my blog, I am Katya 

I am an artist, Yoga lover and 'British Wheel of Yoga' Teacher of over 10years. Sharing and helping people is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I aim to serve to the best of my ability. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing & English in 2007; I find that blogging and poetry is a perfect way for me to express myself and to structure my knowledge to share with others. 

I hope you find something that can help on these pages and I look forward to sharing more content with you. Love and Hugs Katya 

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