Placenta Previa and Pregnancy Yoga

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As a Yoga teacher who specialises in Pregnancy Yoga, it is common to have students who have been told they have Placenta Previa enquire about doing Pregnancy Yoga and if it is safe. Adapting pregnancy Yoga for these students is so rewarding and allows them to experience the beautiful benefits of Pregnancy Yoga even if they may be restricted with posture/asana work. Here are more details on Placenta Previa and how as Pregnancy Yoga teachers or students, we can use Yoga safely during this fantastic time and journey for any pregnancy.

What is Placenta Previa?

Women can be told anytime between 12-20 weeks that they have a low-lying placenta, this then may turn out to be placenta previa. Placenta Previa is where the placenta grows over the cervix obstructing the entrance of the womb; this may cause complications during late pregnancy and during birth which may result in a caesarian taking place.

It is worth knowing, however, that only 2 % of the pregnancies diagnosed end up with placenta previa. As the pregnancy progresses and the uterus grows, it may result in the placenta moving out of the way; no longer covering or obstruct the cervix. In most cases, by the third trimester, the placenta has completely moved out of the way.


Grade one: Low Lying - close to but not covering

Grade two: Marginal - on the edge of the cervix

Grade three: Partial - Partially covers the cervix.

Grade four: Full - Completely covers the cervix.

Pregnancy Yoga For Placenta Previa

Supporting women with Yoga during pregnancy when they have placenta previa can be invaluable for their mental wellbeing. They may be anxious and nervous when they have been told this news about the placenta and may have only heard the word 'caesarian' when they were being told by the midwife, even though they may have been informed with more information including not to worry.

I think it is best to get full information and details from the midwife on the position of the placenta before doing any physical Yoga asana/postures. Having full knowledge of where the placenta is will determine what you do, and don't do during Pregnancy Yoga. But either way, Pregnancy Yoga can be an invaluable tool for metal wellbeing and massive support to any women at this time.

Preganancy Yoga Practice Ideas

So what can we explore if we have Compete Placenta Previa?

There are so many things that can be explored during this time, and as the pregnancy progresses, things may change, and more things may be accessible depending on the progression of the placenta.

Here is a list of Yoga techniques and ideas for teacher and mummies to be that could be explored when given the news of a complete Previa or partial with fears of active Yoga practice, or guidance by their midwife to just rest.

*Breathing exercises

*Yoga Nidra

*Neck, shoulder and wrist limbering


*Positive Birthing Visualisations

Suppose halfway through pregnancy they are told they have Partial Previa. In that case, the option to work into postures becomes more of a choice providing care and attention is given so modifications can be offered throughout the session. It is important to note that poses that require the pelvis to open (wide-legged postures, squats and lungs etc.) should be avoided and modifications should be given, so it limits and reducing compression in the pelvic area.

As the chair is also an excellent tool that could be used to support all women during a pregnancy Yoga class, especially women with placenta previa, it is also an option. There are many options, and anyone diagnosed with placenta previa can still enjoy the wonders of a Pregnancy Yoga practice.

Yoga can be so beneficial for any women with placenta previa at any grade. If you have placenta previa and would still like to explore Yoga, please get in touch so we can work together on a one to one basis so you can get the dedicated time and attention you need to receive the incredible benefits of Yoga during your pregnancy.


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