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Updated: Mar 23

Are you wondering how to start Yoga? In this blog, I will help you start your Yoga journey with five of my top tips that you may find useful and helpful, so you feel more confident in taking that very first step and beginning your Yoga Journey.

1. Join a Beginners Yoga Class / Course

Finding a beginners Yoga class that you can join is a perfect start. The sessions of a beginners Yoga session will allow you to get familiar with the postures' alignment and will enable you to start to work with the breath. Beginners Yoga tends to be slower and more detailed, so you can begin to connect with your body and breath in a slower capacity. You can find many beginners Yoga classes online, and I personally hold a beginners Yoga course that works with those who are completely new to Yoga or returning.

2. Don't Give Up

When we first try a Yoga class, it may not be exactly as we expected and this can put us off before giving it a real chance. The session may be more difficult than anticipated. The directions may not be as straightforward for your way of understanding and learning, and you may feel uncomfortable. But if we have decided to learn Yoga, don't waste them first efforts but keep ongoing.

I remember going to my first in-person class, and I was very self-conscious, I am also a visual learner, so I was keen to see the teacher doing the poses to understand what I was meant to be doing. Still, I kept going when I felt awkward, and I felt more comfortable over time.

It takes time to get familiar with the practice, the teacher, the directions, where you ask your body to go, and even getting your mind to be quiet! But don't give up! It does get easier; it just takes time and commitment! You may have to find a different Yoga style or another teacher that teaches in a way that resonates with you. DON'T GIVE UP!

“There’s no value in digging shallow wells in a hundred places. Decide on one place and dig deep. Even if you encounter a rock, use dynamite and keep going down. If you leave that to dig another well, all the first effort is wasted and there is no proof you won’t hit rock again. (52)” ― Sri S. SatchidanandA


3. Listen To your Body

Listening to your body in Yoga is essential, and one of the ethical principles within Yoga that is explored and encouraged is ahimsa non-violance to all living things. Yoga is not meant to be approached with the mindset of 'no pain, no gain'. Listening to what the body needs and want is essential, so you don't cause any harm or injure. As you get more familiar with the practice of Yoga you become more in touch with the body, and learn to listen to its guidance rather than being led by the mind which may want to achieve something to quickly or force the body into something it really doesn't want to do.


4. Be Patient With The Body & Mind

When first starting Yoga and arriving at a class, allow yourself time to adjust both physically and mentally. You will ask your body to move in ways it may have not moved before and hold positions that it may not be familiar with. The poses can be challenging so be kind to your self and patient. Patients allow the body to get acquainted with what you are asking it to do.

Arriving at the first few classes or several will ask a lot from the body, but it will also require the mind to get still and quiet. This can be challenging for the mind for many reasons, as the minds natural thing is to think and be thinking. It can be challenging for experienced students to get the mind to focus not only those new to Yoga. Being patient with the mind and allowing it to become familiar with being present and focused. It gets easier as we practice.

5. Never Compare Yourself

It is natural for us to compare ourselves with others; it can be very unhealthy and cause us to be critical and unhappy. The beauty of Yoga is that you can arrive at the Yoga practice precisely as you are, and at the same time begin to learn something valuable, and that is not to compare yourself to others. A powerful reason why it is essential not to compare yourself with others is that we are all unique and different in many ways. We have all had different life journeys to arrive at the point we are at. Our bodies move differently. There may be many factors. With all this in mind, you can learn to accept your own body and capabilities and not comparing it to anyone else. Knowing this is your journey, and everything is perfect just the way it is!

How To Start A Yoga Journey Video with extra tips included!

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