Benefits of Yoga Nidra

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Yoga Nidra has a profound journey that dates back to ancient Eastern teachings of Tantra and Yoga. These teachings are not interested in secondhand information or intellectualism, but they are interested in firsthand knowledge of who we indeed are, free of attachments to our cultures and intellectual teachings.

I was introduced to Yoga Nidra by my first teacher on my Foundation Course with the British Wheel Of Yoga. Since then, I have explored many texts, including Swami Satyananda's teachings, before moving on to specialist training in Yoga Nidra, looking deeply into the topic and teachings. When doing this training, I was introduced to Richard Miller, along with other excellent teachers and learned many things, including the benefits that come from the practice of Yoga Nidra.

How Yoga Nidra Works

When we journey into Yoga Nidra, we enter a deep state of relaxation, why remaining completely alert throughout. Within this process, we can access higher levels of consciousness, enabling an opportunity for transformation to occur.

"During Yoga Nidra, you enter a profound state of receptive relaxation, all the while remaining totally aware and alert throughout its process. Yoga Nidra invites your innate intelligence and intrinsic clarity to rise to the surface of your conscous mind, allowing you to uncover and access the wisdom resource of your higher levels of consciousness. Your innare intelligence knows the exact solution, revelations, and resolutions that you need in order to address all the various issues, problems, questions, and conundrums that you face in your daily life." - Richard Miller, Yoga Nidra, p16

How Yoga Nidra works?

We begin Yoga Nidra by moving awareness throughout the body, sensing the body, followed by breathing in a certain way that invites us into the relaxation response. Balance starts to take place within the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which brings harmony into the right and left sides of the brain's hemispheres. This then gets the brain waves from beta waves which we experience in our day to day wakeful state into the alpha state. In this alpha state serotonin is released, and we can begin to feel a sense of peace, harmony and bliss.

The Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Research on the benefits of Yoga Nidra has revealed many beautiful things, below is a list of some benefits that can be received as you enter into a dreamless sleep with a Yoga Nidra practice. As you move through the stages of Yoga Nidra to go deeper into the dreamless sleep, you are no longer aware of any worries, concerns, stresses or problems you experience in your waking state, allowing the opportunity to rest deeply. It is also suggested that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of regular sleep.

The topic of Yoga Nidra goes into great depth that I will cover in more detail in a later blog, but for now, I would like to share with you some of the incredible benefits you can receive from practising Yoga Nidra below.

  1. Reduces Stress

  2. Improves Sleep

  3. Increases Relaxation

  4. Improves Concentration

  5. Reduces anxiety

  6. increases energy

  7. Helps to lower High Blood Pressure

  8. Decreases Cholesterol

  9. Reduces Tension

  10. Improves Acceptance

10 Minute Guided Yoga Nidra

Here I share with you a 10 minute Yoga Nidra; I hope that you enjoy the practice, and I will look to share more extended session very soon.

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