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Updated: Sep 12

I have had quite a few people asking me about the leggings that I was wearing in the 31 Days of Yoga. If you still haven't started the 31 Days of Yoga challenge and would love to give it a go, then please click here to begin your FREE Yoga journey with me in the comfort of your own home.

Ok back to the leggings, I am so glad you liked them! I have been wearing a brand called Bamboo Clothing for a while now. They are eco Yoga clothes, bamboo, super soft and anti-bacterial. If you know me, you already know that I am not someone who buys into brands and having the best thing on the market. But when it comes to health and environment, I am keen to support, help and try my best to do my bit for the world.

Thank you

It was one of the lovely Yoga students that introduced me to this brand. She is a runner and has used the brand for her running gear for years. She bought me a beautiful pair of there sock one Christmas, and they were so soft! I still have them, and they are going strong, and my favourite pair of socks! So thank you to my lovely wonderful student for the gift and giving me the awareness of this fantastic brand so I can share it with you.

I get leggings, socks and tops; personally, for me, they are very comfortable when I am doing Yoga. I have bought there clothing for gifts also as I feel the quality is brilliant. They have a vast range from outdoor wear, underwear to Yoga gear.

Yoga leggings Review

I was so lucky to get the opportunity to collaborate with the beautiful brand and try on some of their Yoga pants. I shared a video on YouTube and did a review but I also shared a discount code for the brand! Check it out and get your discount code!

I wanted to share this amazing brand with you as you may find something you like. Namaste :)

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