5 Romantic Yoga Ideas

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Whether it is valentines day or just something romantic you would like to do with your partner for there birthday or a special occasion, here are 5 romantic Yoga ideas that allow you to share time romantically together the Yoga way.

1. Breath synchronisation

Allowing you and your partner to tune into one another's breath and with this deep awareness, you can harmonise and synchronise your breathing to each other creating a deep connection and also working together to find a balanced harmonising breath that works for you both, honouring and listening to each other with a more profound sense of connection.

  1. Sit back to back with your partner. Backs closely connected. Cross-legged or on a chair.

  2. Close the eyes and turn your awareness inwards towards your breath rhythm.

  3. Bring your awareness to the back of your own body and your breath expanding into the back body.

  4. Take your attention to the back body and begin to witness your breath gently moving into your partner on the inhale.

  5. After a short while begin to connect with your partners breathing rhythm.

  6. Begin to synchronise your breath to your partners.

  7. Be patient and gentle and work silently together to encourage the best most comfortable length of breath for you both.

  8. Stay connected in this way breathing in harmony with one another for as long as you feel comfortable. Deeply interconnected and in complete connection with each other.


2. Sending Love Meditation

This technique can follow on from the above exercise, which requires you to breath in synchronisation. In this practice, you will open your spiritual heart and send love and abundance to your partner. This practice is the perfect romantic couples Yoga idea.

  1. Sit back to back, with close contact.

  2. Feel the warmth and touch of your partners back against yours.

  3. Begin to connect to a few long slow breaths.

  4. Feel your partners breathing against your and the connection.

  5. Bring the awareness to your spiritual heart and think of something you love about your partner.

  6. Allow that feeling of love to fully open your heart and imagine sending and pouring love into your partner. Send them an abundance of loving energy.

  7. Sit for a while, exchanging this love as you breathe deeply.

  8. Now; turn to your partner crossed legs or on a chair knees lightly touching.

  9. Place the right hand on each other's heart and the left hand over there hand.

  10. Close the eyes and breath together both into the chest. Feel the rise and fall of the heart space opening on inhaling and relaxing on exhale.

  11. Send loving kindness and abundance of love to each other through the exchange of breath and hands.

  12. Inhale and receive your partner's love and abundance, filling yourself with this love energy.

  13. Exhale send your partner love and abundance.

  14. See and feel love embracing and infusing every cell of your partner's body.

  15. Inhale and feel that energy begin to expand further until your loving energy and their energy is wholly encapsulated together, making you one energy field absorbed in love and abundance, making you one.

  16. Stay in the meditation as long as you both feel you would like to.


Couples Yoga Poses

Making your Yoga practice romantic by doing Yoga poses as a couple to have that physical contact and encourage a more in-depth communication as you listen to one another and support each other in and out of the poses. Balancing poses will get you profoundly bonding, building trust, supporting, holding and creating a deeper connection with each other.

Join an online Yoga Class Together

Sharing a romantic Yoga practice as a couple would be an excellent romantic Yoga idea. Learning Yoga at home is something that gives you a perfect opportunity to set your mats up next to one another, light candles and incents. This is something you could do every week to experience and journey through the Yoga practice together. Yoga is a sacred practice, and you could make it a time that you share.

Tantra Eye Gazing

Tantra eye gazing will allow you to gaze into the eyes of each other, creating a profound and deeply romantic loving awareness towards one another. It will enable you to see your partner and accept everything about them. This is an intense and loving communication that can deepen your love and make you feel fabulous.

  1. Sit crossed legs or on a chair knees lightly touching.

  2. Make sure your comfortable and warm

  3. Relax your gaze on your partner's eyes

  4. It may take time to feel comfortable and be ok with them moments when you want to look away or laugh

  5. Gently keep resting your gaze back into your partner's eyes

  6. Looking at the pupil or arises or the eye or the space between the eyebrow

  7. Look into the eyes of each other for as long as you like allowing your gaze to me, connect profoundly and loving.

Enjoy, and have fun!

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