Body Brushing Benefits

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I often body brush and wanted to share with you not only the benefits but also 'how to'. This technique is so simple but yet so powerful and beneficial to the body and skin, here's why...

1. Every single cell within your body gives off waste, and the lymphatic system carries the toxins away. The lymphatic system has more fluid than the blood. Actually, it has four times more fluid than the blood! So buy body brushing we are helping with the elimination of toxins, acid waste and sewage.

2. By the above happening, this helps to eliminate cellulite!

3. It helps to remove dead skin cells.

4. Helps with toning the skin by increasing the blood flow and removal of waste.

5. Improves the skin texture

How often? Well, that depends on you. If you want to start once a week to begin with to get your skin used to the technique, then you can increase it as desired. You can also use oils after doing the brush, especially if your skin feels dry. Once you have put the oil on - get in the shower. Be careful not to slip! But listen to your skin and let it tell you. You know your body, skin better than anyone. It's just giving yourself space to learn and listen to it :-)

The perfect brush does matter. You want your brush to be firm and eco-friendly. If it has a handle, this will help with your back brush. Here are a few you may like to consider when it comes to deciding which brush you would like to purchase.

I use a medium strength body brush.

This brush is medium strength, but it depends how sensitive your skin is.

Here I have included and shared a video explaining and showing how to do body brushing at home alone, I hope you find this useful and good luck on your journey with body brushing.

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