Ten Benefits of 10-Minute Yoga Practice

Updated: Mar 3

Life is fast and we are all busy. We always have something left to do. In a life that’s in overdrive, is there anything that can make our days go smoother, our minds clearer and the tone of our days more positive? Yes, all this and more can be achieved with a daily 10-minute yoga session.

Just incorporating a 10-minute yoga practice into your daily routine can make a significant difference and dramatically enhance your days. Many studies have proven the benefits of yoga beyond any doubt. Here, I am sharing with you ten different ways by which a 10-minute yoga session enhances your day.

1. Yoga Reduces Stress

Stress and anxiety occur when the sympathetic nervous system perceives a danger and puts you into the fight or flight mode, which is the body’s standard response in the face of danger. When you are stress free and perceive safety, you are relaxed and are in the rest and digest mode, which is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga has a deep impact on the central nervous system. It promotes relaxation, which is the opposite of stress. It thus switches you from the fight or flight to the rest and digest mode. When this happens, you become calmer, your heart rate and blood pressure come down. You will also relax and breath more deeply.

2. Increases Energy

During yoga, as your stress levels go down, you begin to improve your energy levels. Every yoga posture has an influence over the body and mind and has specific outcomes. When you are just tired of doing something and experience low energy levels, yoga can do wonders. A 10-minute yoga session that includes backbends or a 10-minute flow yoga class or a 10-minute beginner’s yoga class is just what you need. It’s even better if you incorporate a 10-minute morning yoga session into your routine.

3. Improves Breathing

Deep breathing and breath control are an integral part of yoga. This will significantly enhance your breathing capacity, lung functions and your respiratory system. The postures help keep your lungs healthy and flexible and the deep breathing means more oxygen intake and better overall health.

Deep breathing also reduces the intensity of anxiety symptoms. That’s why when someone is stressed or emotional, the first thing we ask them to do is to pause and take a deep breath.

4. Increases Happiness

Yoga has the power to brighten up our moods. Read the quote below. Need I say more?

"A recent study has shown that practicing regular yoga and meditation results in higher serotonin levels (the happiness hormone) ... The same study showed that long-term yoga practitioners have more mass in the areas of the brain associated with contentment." - Laetitia Tempelman.

5. Increases Body Flexibility

Even during a 10-minute yoga session, the body is moved in a range of motions. As you do the postures, you will notice that some movements are a bit difficult and your body feels tight. With regular yoga practice, these tight zones will start loosening up and this will improve your overall muscle flexibility and joint mobility.

6. Increases Physical Strength

Several yoga postures are similar to resistance training or body weight exercises, which improve strength. If you are new to yoga, you will be surprised at how challenging it is to hold certain postures for a length of time. Doing yoga postures will most certainly improve the strength of your body. A regular 10-minute yoga practice will help strengthen your back, legs, arms, spine, core and many more areas of the body that we may not even know yet.

7. Increases Concentration

Studies have shown that practising yoga has a positive effect on the neural patterns of the brain, which can help improve concentration and focus. Research done by the University of Illinois has shown that daily yoga practice has a positive impact on cognitive abilities and stress levels.

8. Improves Sleep

Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes it easier to switch off the fight and flight fear response and put our system in the rest and digest mode. Regular yoga reduces stress and worry and creates the right mental conditions for good sleep.

"When people who have insomnia perform yoga daily, they sleep for longer, fall asleep faster, and return to sleep more quickly if they wake up in the middle of the night. This is also true for older people who have insomnia - those who are 60 and older experience better sleep quality, sleep for longer, and feel better during the day when they perform regular yoga." - sleepfoundation.org

9. Yoga Improves Balance

Yoga strengthens the body and mind. The added strength may help improve balance. By balance, we are not just talking about physical balance like the ability to stand comfortably on one leg. We are also talking about the overall balance of body and mind.

Hatha Yoga creates harmony between the sun and the moon, yin and yang, and between feminine and masculine. So, when you do a 10-minutes yoga session daily, you are increasing your balance from within, both physically and mentally.

10. Promotes Calmness

Science has a few theories as to why yoga calms people down. CNN has reported and confirmed that when people practice yoga, essential hormones like oxytocin and endorphins are released.

Oxytocin reduces stress and improves your overall feeling of well-being. Endorphins are a category of hormones that have a similar effect like opioids. It plays an important role in reducing pain and managing negative emotions.

“Yoga makes us feel calmer and more relaxed because we use breathing techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing (also called Ujjayi breath) that helps to take us out of the sympathetic nervous system, and moves us into our parasympathetic response (aka, rest and digest),” Alia Sebben, a certified yoga instructor and creator of the Yoga for Mental Health series on the Yoga Studio App, explains to Bustle." - bustle.com

Try our 10-minute yoga sessions if you are short of time for long yoga sessions. It’s a perfect way to incorporate yoga into your daily routine and benefit from it.

Thanks for reading. If you have any queries, thoughts or experiences that you wish to share, please leave a comment. Love Katya

Click here for the 10-minute Yoga playlist that you can enjoy in your own time.

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