Additional Terms and Conditions For Online Classes and Content


For our online and live-streaming classes, you will be practising at home without our being able to monitor or guide you directly. The following additional conditions apply to our classes delivered over the internet either as downloadable material or as live streaming content. If you use our content, you implicitly agree to the following additional terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should not use the content.


 1. The ease, experience and difficulties while performing yoga vary from individual to individual. You will discover your own pace and make the required adjustments while practising yoga. In case you experience any difficulty, you will pause, make necessary adjustments or skip lessons altogether as needed. You will listen to your body and take periodic rest as needed.


 2. You understand that any exercise program, including yoga, involves an inherent risk of injury. You are aware that your voluntary practice of yoga may result in injury, and you accept that risk.


 3. You understand that some yoga positions or other components of the online classes can be hazardous and have the potential to cause injury.


 4. You understand that Katya Greer and Lotus Flower Yoga are not medical care providers, have no expertise in any aspect of detection, diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions and are not capable of determining the risk of performing any type of exercise, including yoga, with any medical condition.


 5. You understand that it is necessary to consult a physician, undergo a physical examination where needed and obtain consent to practice yoga in general and the program you are planning to practice in particular. You agree that you have complied with the above and obtained permission or have voluntarily decided to go ahead with the program without consulting or obtaining consent from a physician.


 6. If you decide to go ahead with the program or any activity associated with Katya Greer and Lotus Flower Yoga without consulting a physician or obtaining the necessary consent, you assume complete responsibility for your decision and any injury or other undesired consequence that may result from it.


 7. You, your heirs and other legal representatives do hereby hold harmless and forever release Katya Greer, Lotus Flower Yoga, their employees and their service providers from all responsibility and liability arising out of any accident, injury, illness now or in the future as a result of your use of their online classes, videos or other content. This includes, but is not limited to liability arising out of medical costs, legal fees and any consequent losses.

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