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Meditation is a technique where you attain mental calm by focusing your mind exclusively on one object, thought or activity. Meditation gives you numerous medical benefits besides improving your concentration and the ability to think logically. Due to the stress in our daily lives, meditation has now become essential for everyone. You can practice it irrespective of age or health condition.


The Advantages of Meditation

Meditation has many advantages over other types of relaxation techniques.

  • Everyone can do it. There is no restriction due to age, illness or injury.

  • You can do it at home.

  • No special equipment is needed.

  • It is absolutely risk free and harmless.

  • It’s easy to learn and practice.

  • It works well with other forms of exercise or yoga practice.


History of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient technique and is recommended by all major religions. The founders of almost every modern religion, from the ancient Indian sages to the Sikh spiritual gurus, practiced meditation. In fact, most spiritual leaders believe that without meditation, it’s not possible to achieve true enlightenment.

In modern times, meditation is a common relaxation and concentration technique that is recommended by mental health professionals and counsellors for people of all ages. Meditation is also an integral part of yoga.

Considering its close association with religion, you may think that meditation is a form of worship. While it can be a form of worship or a religious technique, meditation is actually a high state of self-awareness, free from distractions. Concentration or focus on a particular activity is just an extension of this principle. So, if you are reading this without getting distracted by other thoughts, you are meditating! It’s more than worship or a relaxation technique. It’s a way of life!


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation gives you numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  • It promotes relaxation. You get rid of anxious thoughts and needless worries.

  • It calms the mind. You don't get disturbed by unnecessary thoughts.

  • It gives you the ability to concentrate even in an environment full of distractions.

  • It gives you clarity of perception. You see things as they are.  

  • Your thoughts stay in the present instead of wandering away into the past or worrying about the future.

  • It improves your ability to communicate clearly.

  • You gain inner strength. You will be able to handle adverse situations better and with more confidence.You get happiness from within that is not dependent on things, people or situations around you.

  • It brings you closer to your real self.

  • It helps you sleep better.

  • It helps you unwind and reduces stress.

  • It reduces the risk of stress-related mental issues.

  • It reduces your risk of many lifestyle diseases, including heart disease, which are made worse by stress.


The Meditation Technique

There are many methods of meditation and slight variations are common. But, the basic technique and the goals remain the same.

Meditation is much easier when you do it under the guidance of a good teacher. Start on the right foot because when you learn to do it correctly, you are more likely to stick to it and benefit from it.


Course Details

Come, Learn to Meditate with Katya!

Katya is an expert yoga and meditation teacher. After finishing her 'Teacher Training and Pregnancy Yoga' course, she went on to train in the British Wheel of Yoga. She trained in ‘The Progressive Stages of Meditation’ with Maarten Vermaase. Following this, she went on to learn and practice 'Prana Samyama Meditation' with Rosemary Bennett.

'Making Meditation Simple', our meditation course, is a beginner’s first step to meditation. You will learn to meditate and as you progress, you will start to benefit from it. After completing the course, you will have the confidence and the skills to practice meditation correctly on your own.

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