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Lotus Flower Yoga was once just a dream.


Get To Know Us

Lotus Flower Yoga's very existence proves that every one of us has the power to turn our dreams into reality.

Our ultimate goal is to bring people together. We want to bring people with the same interests together, encourage and motivate them on their journey; whatever that may be.

We intend to promote exploration of yoga and other holistic practices that strengthen the physical body, calm the mind, balance emotions and connect us to one another.

At Lotus Flower Yoga, you will find everything that you need to boost your health and wellbeing. Healing starts from within and it's only when we begin to look and listen within can we start to heal on deeper levels.

We provide a variety of yoga classes and workshops for all abilities and ages; everyone is welcome. One-to-one sessions are also available for those that desire a more focused and personal yoga experience. It’s in these roles that we commit to improving the quality of the practices that we teach through loving, giving, and serving.

At Lotus Flower Yoga, we consistently develop and maintain our professional knowledge and competence. We strive for professional excellence through continued education, training, and regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.