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Be its appearance or performance; ageing gradually affects all parts of the body. Age is most visible when it changes the appearance of your face and hair. You can easily fix most hair issues with cosmetics, but there are no easy solutions for age-induced facial changes. Whatever you do, the lines, wrinkles, sagging muscles and other changes on your face will start to become obvious at some point.


Commercial anti-ageing face treatments are often expensive and painful. Some face treatments like Botox may result in undesirable side effects. Face yoga is a natural, easy, painless and effective alternative to other commercially available anti-ageing therapies. It consists of a set of exercises designed to prevent and correct sagging facial muscles, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.


Face yoga originated in Japan. It tones the facial muscles and increases blood circulation. It helps you regain and maintain your youthful appearance for years. Besides improving and maintaining your appearance, it improves your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself.


What our teacher Katya has to say about Face Yoga


Spirituality, health and beauty are my passions. I believe these qualities have to come from the inside to shine through on the outside. Whether it’s physical Yoga or Face Yoga, I aim to help body and mind maintain their health and be in an optimal relationship with each other. This, I believe, is the only way to live a vibrant, enjoyable and happy life. Like all other yoga practices, Face Yoga makes a significant contribution in maintaining this relationship.


Everything is connected, and a person’s face tells so much about him or her. The face is an index of the mind. I know this from my own experience. A person’s facial lines show where his or her body may be struggling and what inside needs attention. It doesn’t occur to most people that their face is a map of their inner wellbeing. 


Changes in the body caused by ageing are part of a natural process, and we must accept them. However, that shouldn’t discourage us from doing what we can to slow them down. When I teach Face Yoga, I am not discouraging people from accepting themselves. It’s just the opposite.

The purpose of my Face Yoga lessons is to help my students heal physically and improve their self-confidence and mental awareness. Just like my regular yoga classes, my Face Yoga lessons contribute to the overall wellbeing of my students.


What you can expect to learn in our Face Yoga session


We have over 40 facial muscles, but we don’t use about half of them regularly. As with all muscles, when we use them less, they deteriorate. Face yoga targets all facial muscles and helps them regain their natural strength, firmness and flexibility. It helps overworked muscles relax and stimulates underused muscles. When all facial muscles are healthy, the signs of ageing become less apparent and facial appearance improves. 


We are offering you a 60-minute Face Yoga session with Katya in which you can expect the following.


  1. Learn general exercises that target facial muscles.

  2. Learn techniques to target specific problems like forehead wrinkles, laughter lines, frown lines, droopy eyelids and double chin.

  3. Get access to materials like exercise videos and diet guides to improve and maintain your facial appearance.


After the course, you will be expected to practice on your own for up to two times a day. Small daily sessions are better than occasional long sessions. You can do Face Yoga along with other routine activities. You can even do it on the go while commuting.


Benefits of face yoga


Unlike other commercial beauty treatments, Face yoga is not a quick fix. When done correctly under the guidance of an expert teacher like Katya, Face Yoga will start to produce results in a couple of weeks.


However, significant changes will only be visible in about two or three months. Here are some benefits that you can expect.


  1. Reduces wrinkles and lines caused due to ageing.

  2. Relaxes facial muscles. Your entire face will feel more relaxed.

  3. Tightens up sagging facial muscles and double chins. 

  4. Tones your face.

  5. Fixes asymmetries in your face or facial features.

  6. Reverses signs of ageing and gives you a more youthful appearance.

  7. Helps you maintain good face posture, which also improves your mood.


Class details


We are offering you a 60-minute Face Yoga session with Katya via Zoom.


You will be taught by Katya, who is both an expert yoga teacher and a qualified instructor with The British Wheel of Yoga, holding over 900 hours of training and study.


If you have any chronic health conditions or if you are or have undergone any face treatments, please check with us before you sign up. Face Yoga is generally safe to practice with other facial treatments. However, in some cases, for example, Botox treatments or plastic surgery, you may need to consult your physician before performing facial exercises.

How to book a class


Book a live-streaming class in three easy steps.


STEP-1 Go to the Class Bookings Page


The class booking system on our website allows you to book all types of classes. To join a live stream class, you must book your place at least one hour before the class is due to begin. On the Face Yoga booking page, the available classes are displayed. Once you have found the desired class, click the “Book Now” button. If you are logged into our site, it will take you to the Class Schedule page. If not, you can login or sign up, and you will then go to the Class Schedule page.


Please click here to go to the Face Yoga class bookings page.


STEP-2 Select Your Slot from the Class Schedule


The dates and times on which class sessions are held are displayed on the class schedule. Select the right slot by clicking on the desired class time against the desired date. Now, click on the “Next” button, and it will take you to the confirmation page.


STEP-3 Confirm and Book


Once you are on the confirmation page, please recheck the details including your email address as we will be sending the class link to the email address provided. If everything is correct, click on the “Pay Now” button.


If you have a paid membership plan that entitles you to a certain number of live stream classes, the system will book your class against your entitlement and you are done. If you have already used up your membership entitlement or your current membership does not include live stream classes, you can pay for the class using PayPal or a credit/debit card.

Joining the Class


Moments after you book your Face Yoga class, an automatic email with a class link will be emailed to you. The link is blue and states ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ along with the password for the that specific Zoom class.


You will also receive another email 1 hour before the start of class, which will have the class link and password. Please be sure to check your Junk or SPAM folder.


Tips to ensure you and others enjoy your Livestream experience through Zoom:


For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone. This way, we can both see and hear you before and after class. You have the option to join the class without video, if you prefer.


We highly recommend setting up your Zoom connection before class begins. You will be automatically Muted – but please double-check this in the lower left-hand corner of your screen when you enter the classroom. You can Unmute yourself if the teacher starts a conversation, please be sure to Mute yourself during the practice.


When you join the class, you will have the option to Start or Stop video. With video on, other students can see you. If you “Stop” others will see your name or your profile photo or avatar or both. You can add your photo to your profile to create the view of your choice.


Keeping the video on places a higher demand on your internet connection. If things begin to stutter and stop, try turning video off.

If for any reason, other students become the main image you see, click on your teacher’s image and select ‘Pin Video.’

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

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