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Baby massage has its origins in Indian and African societies where it is being practised from ancient times. The knowledge is passed on informally along generations and is an essential lesson in parenting. It gained popularity in the west only in the last four decades. In the UK, it started getting noticed in the 1990s and has been gaining popularity ever since.


Understanding Baby Massage


Although they cry and respond to sounds, touch is an essential method of communication for babies. A baby responds to touch even when it is in the womb. It is a natural method of comforting and soothing the child. Baby massage is an extension of this principle where the baby is handled and stroked in particular ways along with verbal communication to maximise the benefits of touch.


The massage can be provided by anyone who knows the technique. Usually, it is the mother, a close relative or a caregiver who gives the massage. Cold pressed vegetable oil without any additives and fragrance is traditionally used for the massage. The baby is held in specific ways, and every area of the body is repeatedly stroked in time-tested rhythmic sequences along with verbal cues. The process gives the baby a lot of joy, love and comfort.




If the baby is not born prematurely, light massage can be started even a week after birth. However, it can be challenging to attend formal baby massage classes until the child is about six weeks old. By this time, they can take the full range of strokes and their behaviour and routine is somewhat predictable. They also start becoming more comfortable outside their usual environment.


Babies with special needs or medical conditions can also receive the massage. Babies still need touch and affection even if they have a medical condition. Baby massage is always finely tuned by taking the baby's comfort and feedback into account.  A baby that can normally be bathed can be massaged; in fact, massage is even more necessary and useful for children with conditions like Down's syndrome. However, if your baby has any medical conditions, check with your doctor before joining the classes.


Benefits of Baby Massage


Baby massage is very beneficial to both you and your baby.


  • Baby massage gives you and your baby a regular avenue to interact, understand each other and bond. It first stimulates and then provides relaxation, affection, joy and comfort.


  • Your baby will feel more secure, and your mutual attachment will grow.


  • Due to the stimulation and relaxation, your baby will sleep much better.


  • Crying and other emotional problems will reduce significantly.


  • The incidence and severity of stomach problems like colic will decrease.


  • Giving your baby a massage will be a relaxing and joyful experience for you.


  • It will make you more confident in handling and care for your baby.


  • It is believed to reduce the incidence of post-natal depression in mothers.


What you will learn in our Baby Massage course


You can expect to learn several valuable skills during the course. Here are some of them.


  • How to understand and communicate with your baby using verbal and non-verbal cues.


  • Handling techniques, hold and massage strokes for various parts of the body.


  • About massage oils and how to use them.


  • Adapting the massage according to feedback received from the baby.


  • Methods to give relief from common baby problems like crying and colic.


Course Details


Our course is designed to teach you the fundamental skills and techniques of baby massage and give you the necessary confidence to continue the massage routine after finishing the course. The practice sessions will help you use these methods safely on your child under the supervision of expert teachers. You will also learn to understand your child better and respond to its needs.


The course is open for you if your child is between six weeks and one year old. There will be six weekly classes. You can change or feed the baby anytime during the sessions as needed.


The number of students in each group is limited to permit close attention and observation of each student’s abilities. This is necessary to provide the best help and to ensure the required progress.


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  • The course consists of 6 sessions, one per week, for six consecutive weeks.


  • Please inform us beforehand in case you are unable to attend a class. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer replacements if you miss any of your sessions.


Please read our terms and conditions before booking.


If you have any medical conditions, it’s important to consult your doctor before joining the classes. You must also inform your teacher so that any necessary adjustments can be made to the exercises.


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