My aim is...

To allow us the opportunity to commit to a daily session together so we can reap and feel the benefits Yoga has to offer. Yoga is a sacred science that has proven to help and support many through times of need; whether it be mental or physical health, Yoga has so much to offer every individual. 

When we get on our mat union takes place within the Body, Mind, Breath and spirit. During the month ahead we get the opportunity to come together and find that union together - allowing the time on our mat in the morning to connect us to our deepest needs, nourishing and grounding, energising and balancing us while connecting as a whole and sharing a beautiful interconnecting consciousness. 

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An email each day to let you know what the theme of the session will be.

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The word, quote or intention that will set you up for the day ahead.




A Yoga session that it is tailored and suitable for all abilities.

31 Days of Yoga

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