Prenatal Yoga Course

Pre-Natal Yoga Course

Welcome to our prenatal yoga course! Prenatal yoga classes will help you during pregnancy, labour and after delivery. The emphasis of these sessions are on breathing, pelvic floor, stabilising the hips, strengthening the body ready for delivery and after birth, relaxation as well allowing you to making a deeper connection with your body and your baby as your body changes. Learning and practicing prenatal yoga will give you several benefits and will make you more resilient during and after pregnancy. The benefits last long after childbirth. No previous yoga experience is needed to take part in these session, all classes are designed for mixed ability.

Like all forms of yoga, prenatal yoga is more about the mind than the body. You will be able to reaffirm your faith in your physical and mental powers, gaining more control and awareness in order to move forward into the birthing stage with a much more confidant and relaxed approach. One of the main benefits is breath awareness, which will help you focus attention on the right things during labour and delivery. It will help you connect with your body and your child through relaxation techniques.

When done correctly with a fully accredited yoga instructor, prenatal yoga is considered safe for both mother and child. However, there are important differences between prenatal yoga and regular yoga. It is important to understand these differences, especially if you are already practicing yoga.


The Significance Of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is not like regular yoga. Changes to both the type and intensity of postures become necessary after conception. During pregnancy, hormonal changes loosen the ligaments of the lower back and pelvic region to allow expansion during labour. This increases the flexibility means we have to be conscious of over stretching which will do more harm than good. Doing regular prenatal yoga sessions with a fully qualified instructor can help to strengthen and stabilise the joints, hips and areas that become most venerable in pregnancy.


What You Can Expect To Learn

  1. Breathing techniques

You will learn to inhale and exhale slowly through the nose. You will practice several breathing techniques and learn to make deep sounds such as humming or grunting. This will help you reduce and better manage the shortness of breath during pregnancy. It will also be helpful during labour.

  1. Gentle stretching

The aim here is to gently stretch various areas of your body without unnecessary strain. You will practice moving your arms, neck, etc. through their full range of motion.

  1. Postures and props

You will practice various postures to improve your strength, flexibility and balance. Props such as cushions, belts and blankets may be used to help you do the postures comfortably. The focus on breathing will continue throughout the course.

  1. Relaxation

There will be a relaxation session at the end of every class. You will learn to relax your muscles, calm down, and restore your breathing and pulse rates to their resting levels. You will also be encouraged to improve self-awareness by observing your thoughts, emotions and sensations in your body. You may also be asked to repeat a mantra or a word to help achieve a state of inner calm.


Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

The stretching, mental concentration, inner calm, body awareness and breathing skills that you learn in prenatal yoga classes will give you several benefits and you will continue to enjoy them for years.

• You will increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles and other body areas that are involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

• Many common problems during pregnancy like morning sickness, headaches, shortness of breath, carpel tunnel syndrome and back pain will reduce.

• You will sleep better.

• Stress and anxiety levels will subside and you will also be able to manage them better.

• You will be able to react and cope better if there are unexpected surprises during childbirth.

• You will cultivate bonds with other participants and it will give you a support group to share your concerns and discuss problems. Considering the journey ahead, some of these bonds could result in lifelong friendships.


Course Details

Our prenatal yoga course will cover various areas that will be helpful during pregnancy, labour and after birth. We focus on breathing techniques, improving strength and stamina, strengthening the pelvic floor and relaxation techniques. There are other exciting topics designed to help you appreciate and embrace the wonders of the journey to motherhood. No two classes are the same. You will learn something new in every class.

The course is open to any one who is 14 weeks + into their pregnancy.

You will be taught by Katya who is both a Yoga teacher and prenatal qualified instructor with The British Wheel of Yoga, holding over 780 hours of training and study.

Please note:

  • Sessions must be paid online 14 days before the commencement of the course unless otherwise agreed.
  • We do not accept cash.
  • To book, please go through the booking system and pay via PayPal.
  • Once we receive payment, you will receive a notification confirming payment.

The course consists of 5 sessions, one per week, for 5 consecutive weeks. Please inform us beforehand in case you are unable to attend a class. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer replacements if you miss any of your sessions.

To book please click here or if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us.

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