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Exploring Sarvangasana

So my latest youtube video is exploring Sarvangasana, over the next couple of weeks i will be exploring a variety of different inverted postures.

Any inverted posture we do in yoga is reversing the action of gravity, normally gravity is pulling us down…

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Vegan Journey Begins

Being a yogini my awareness of body, diet and nature has been something that has always took a forefront within my mind.

I entered a journey of vegetarianism many years ago, after 6 dedicated years i fell ill and in…

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Chair Yoga & Benefits

The sages and gurus of old wanted to understand the meaning to a long life.

Why would shrews have a short lived life of three to five years but the tortoise live a 100 years and beyond? Once studied, it became clear that freedom from stress, slow deep breathing…

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About Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga – This style is a beautiful style for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Yoga began at the very beginning of human creation when there was an awareness of spiritual potential, this is when techniques were created.

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The Soul Touches Light

The sun rises high,
Moving through the sky.
Eyes open wide,
A new day has arrived.

As the light meets the soul,
Activation is known.
Body breathing so deeply,

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Mind Illusion

You sit with your mind,
Your thoughts rattle by,
Its an illusion taking you for a ride.

Your mind stays not still,
Unless you train it at will.
It’s in the future,
Lusting and greeding,

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